And Also Yet Again Basically The Same Quick Question Plus A Few Other Observations

Thursday, 11 Premise 2018

Merry New Year everybody!

As many of my fellow liberal Cassandras have been continually pointing out for, basically, ever – once again the staff here at the The Funny Farm News Burro have to ask the supposedly principled Republicant congresscritters currently in control of all of the branches of the american government: since you already set precedent by impeaching a sitting president because he had consensual oral sex with someone who was not his wife, why are you not even close to beginning to stop all the high crimes and felonies that the current occupant of the office is engaging in? When you had to suspend the administration of the american government in 1998 because impeachment took precendence over all else, how can you allow clear and constant violations of the emoluments clause, treasonous collusion with a foreign government, and outrageous potentially life threatening incompetence from the Republicant Horror Clown currently leading your party from the White House?

Unless Republicants are actually hypocritical traitorous rich frelling arseholes who have no conscience. Funny how everyone needs to kowtow to Cheetohiro now, but Republicants had to oppose Obama (who got more votes than pResident Pussy Grabber – twice!) every second he was in office.

Anyways,… I wonder if anyone can convince some Democratic politicians to consider promoting and implementing Trickle Up Economics. Here’s the deal: the Republicant theory for, like, ever, is that if you give more money to the rich, it will trickle down to everyone else. Which has conclusively proven not to work. So, another theory is: if you give even just relatively little more money to poor people, they will spend it and pump it back into the economy. Isn’t that what is wanted from a stimulus?

While we’re at it, we can update and enhance our earlier suggestions about reducing executive expense: cut all salaries of congreesscritters, executive, and judicial elected officials by $100K, and cut pResident and Veep by $200K. Here’s the update: means test all retirement and executive compensation packages – if you’re independently wealthy, you don’t need to have your retirement paid for by the american taxpayer.

Just a couple of ideas. What do you think?

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It’s That Time Of Year Once Again This Year

Tuesday, 13 Conclusion 2017

Hi everybody! Once again, it’s time for another xmas mix from The Funny Farm. This year features a little mashup by Your Humble Narrator of Liam Neeson being interviewed for a position playing Santa at a mall with an old Ventures tune; a beautiful a capella gem from the Monkees; and a Beatles christmas song, among other things.

Also too it seems to be somewhat stressful for a metric Cheneyton of people these days. Especially in the greater North American continent what with all the T Rumplings running amok and some of the more radical right wing christian terrorists shooting up things more often. So maybe somebody can decompress and get their minds right to the point that they are ready to embrace The Church of The Afternoon Nap and throw off the shackles of traditional religious fanatacism. Just maybe…

So, for these and so many more reasons, but most importantly because I finally got the frelling thing done again this year, it’s time to provide you once again with the best (cough) in non-traditional non-superstition based holiday musical montages. As always huge props to the master, DJ Riko for showing me the way – please go over to his site and check out his fabulous 2017 offering once he gets it up on his site.

Here’s the track list for the 2017 Xmas MegaMixx:

Pee Wee’s Christmas Special Opening Song – Paul Reubens et al
Liam Neeson v. The Ventures – mall Santa interview / Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Space Christmas – Shonen Knife
The Monkees – Riu Chiu
What Christmas Measn To Me – Stevie Wonder
Xmas Time of the Year – Green Day
I Believe in Father Christmas – Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
Christmastime Again – Brandon Wilde
White Christmas – Otis Redding
A Very Merry Christmas – Casey Shea
Erotic Christmas (Home For The Holograms) –
The Strangest Christmas Yet – Steve Martin and the Canyon Rangers
I’m Gonna Lasso Santa Claus – The One and Nines
Don’t Believe in Christmas – The Sonics
Santa Forever – Mia Crosby
Christmas Blues – Jimi Hendrix
Players’ Ball – OutKast
Santa Why’d You Do It – Alyssa Reid feat The Heist
I Won’t Be Home For Christmas – Blink 182
You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch – Lindsey Stirling feat Sabrina Carpenter
The Nutcracka – Davoodi
Carol of the Bells – Trans Siberian Orchestra
Whistle Neath the Mistletoe – Briana Winter
Home For christmas – Kate Bush
Christmas Time (Is Here Again) – The Beatles

This year it was fun to surf for those last few songs that I neede to fiil up the mix, including one that I put together mayself. The Monkees cut was an awesome find as well – I didn’t even know the Monkees put a christmas special together! Once again, this thing takes on a life of its’ own – going back through them I definitely see themes going through them besides the ones I try to put in myself.

I am also adding to the pile of songs that are not family friendly enough for inclusion in the mega mixxes. I am still thinking I might put something together one of these years…

I have also once again done something this year that I have never done before. I’m not even offering any presents this year due to the complete lack of participation last year.

If you wish to comment on this post, or download this or any of the Mega Mixxes, please email me – the directory is behind the Funny Farm Filings Fence and you will need to get the user name / password from me if you didn’t save it last year.

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And Yet Again Even More Quick Question(s)

Saturday, 1 Wintring 2017

Can you believe it’s Wintring already? It still feels like the early autumn summer-like heat (traditionally known by a somewhat offensive term to native americans) round these parts. I’ve been putting on the air conditioning during the afternoons to make sure the increasingly elderly animals here at The Funny Farm stay nice and comfy.

Anyways,… yet again to the next quick question at hand. A reporter for the Washington Post is tweeting that Chimperer Cheetohiro and his maladministration claim there is no port in Puerto Rico deep enough to handle ships like the USS Comfort.

Once upon a time, Your Humble Narrator was a (Computer) Systems Manager for a major cruise line. That regularly operated cruise ships running out of the port of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Up until recently, one of the finest ports in the caribbean. I can’t really get a lot of information about anything in Puerto Rico other than the entire island’s infrastructure has been wiped out. As an apnea sufferer I would almost be dead by now, risking a heart attack anytime I dozed off, and wandering around in a narcoleptic haze – which would be considered entirely acceptable collateral damage and not at all anything to lay at the feet of the Republicants currently running this country into the ground, as far as a vast majority of tRump supporters are concerned. So, anyone in a remotely similar situation would be completely frelled if they are living on that island – or any of a number of beautiful caribbean destinations – during this time of natural catastrophe. [rhetorical] I wonder why the Pussy Grabber In Chief hasn’t shown the slightest bit of interest in this situation, and is more interested in responding to perceived slights against his sterling (cough) reputation?[/rhetorical]

I also wonder if the response of the international community will be to pick up the slack, or tell the americans to get their kimchi together and start helping their people in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands get through this disaster. I can’t say as I would blame them if they told The short fingered Vulgarian to pound sand.

What do you think? Did you hear the gubmint spokesweasel say ‘no port in Puerto Rico is deep enough to handle our relief ship’ and immediately smell the piquant odor of complete and utter horsehockey emanating from that direction? Would you consider that kind of excuse to be fair, appropriate, and/or justified at the current time? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Yet Even More Quick Question(s)

Friday, 29 Falltring 2017

Yes, surprisingly, there is a still a Pythonish flavor of breathlessly announcing that we have many more years of a silly party running our silly government these days round the Funny Farm. Not really sure what can be said along the lines of this is Drinky McDumbAss on steroids, i.e. pure elemental crystallized Republicant political policy in action, than has already been said by many many infotainers much more better at putting words together than Your Humble Narrator. Dotard 45 must be getting even deeper into the pre-Alzheimer funk that Amerikkka first experienced during the heady days of the Ronnie Ray-Gun era. Amazing how Republicant sheeple blindly follow their Glorious Leader once more over the cliff, even when he (and, yes, with Republicants, it’s always a he) increasingly shows himself to be rapidly diminishing in his facilities. What’s the equivalent of Grenada in 2018?

Anyways,… to the quick question at hand. The popular vote loser in 2016 thinks that professional NFL football players not standing for the national anthem should be fired from their jobs because they chose not to stand. I wonder how the NFL, the footbal stadium staff, and especially the Republicant football fans in the stadium, would react if the fans chose not to stand and/or remove their headgear during the national anthem? Something, by the way, that I have chosen to do pretty much every time I have been at a professional sporting event since the Horror-Clown got the Russians to help him steal the election. It does seem to upset the rest of the paying spectators – or perhaps they think they have more of a right to yap at a fellow paying customer when they see my behavior. But imagine if ove half of the stadium chose to remain seated with their hats on during the anthem? I would think that might have some impact if it managed to get out over the airwaves…

What do you think? Have you seen fans refusing to stand and/or remove their hats during the national anthem? Would you consider that kind of protest to be fair, appropriate, and/or justified at the current time? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Even More Quick Question(s)

Mid Year’s Day 2017

The pillaging and general mayhem surrounding the Republicant majority running rampant in all levels of government today* has only been ratcheted up since Republicants lost (cough) pallets of cash during their illegal immoral clusterCheney in Iraq. So much so that Perfesser Chaos and his merry band of Republicant commies has caused relative paralysis akin to nervous exhaustion round the Funny Farm for most of the calendar year. I’m also trying to figure out how I’m going to handle whatever shaft I get from the additional tax giveaways to the rich cuts to Medicare included in the latest Republicant attempt to wipe out the achievements of the scary not-completely-white muslimoid socialist who won the presidency with the largest majorities since Ray-Gun and has always been more popular then Orange Juliani on his best day. And of course everything’s just a bit more expensive, work expects just a bit more for a bit less, and guess who decided to call the Funny Farm earlier today?**

Hopefully the second half of the year will be a bit less rancid. Can everyone stop mentioning it so much when Twitterer the Grouch continues to set records for most golf outings and most taxpayer dollars wasted on travel by a pResident? If he’s out on the golf course he’s not rage legislating by fiat and tweeting the security codes to the Pentagon. Also too, it would be nice if Democratic politicians should start treating Republicants as if they are the traitorous hypocritical liars that they have shown themselves to be. Just throw all of the crap that landed at Obama’s feet back at these farging iceholes and paint the Short Fingered Vulgarian as the mafia owned traitor he has shown himself to be.

I’m so old, I remember when Republicants brought their mistresses to Congress and stopped the business of the american government because a sitting president got oral sex from someone who was not his wife. And required him to testify about it under oath. Then, as I continued to get older, I saw the Republicants refuse to allow The Illegally Installed Drunken Cokeheaded Deserter (During Wartime) or his pResident of Vice to testify about 9-11 under oath. And then lie about some additional tax giveaways to the rich sunsetting (cough) tax cuts that would expire in ten years. Then Republicants lied some more and insisted on making their additional tax giveaways to the rich tax cuts permanent. Funny how that worked…

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* – just like in the Putsch reign, except with a decade of the Peter Principle at work by the principal architects of the latest Republicant incarnation, who are often the very same people who so disastrously oversaw the last Republicant reign of error…

** – if all the links and trackbacks work, and the people who put that excellent video are still exacting revenge on the IRS scammers, the phone number they used to call me – that they asked me to call back – is (740) 299-8467. I would love to update this post and tell the blogoverse that these phone scammers have been hit yet again.

Funny Farm Editors Note, Saturday, Mid Year’s End, 2017: minor spelling and grammatical errors corrected and links beefed up. We apologize for the inconvenience…

More Quick Question(s)

Sunday, 25 Priming 2017

So now that the Petulant Horror Clown In Thief has set some more presidence by refusing to shake Angela Merkel’s hand [WARNING: video autoplays at linked site] during a recent visit, does this mean that, in the future, other foreign dignitaries will be able to refuse to touch pResident Pussy Grabber? Or even further, to decline to meet with Dolt 45 altogether? I’m thinking maybe there are a few foreign leaders interested in the answers to those questions…

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Quick Question(s)

Tuesday, 5 Priming 2017

Some people (not to mention Chris Hardwick or @midnight by name or anything like that) have suggested that we should listen to Cheetolini impersonator Anthony Atamanuik and let him substitute for The Cowardly Lyin at this years’ White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

I’m wondering if anyone has thought to invite Luther and Obama and/or any other real ex-pResidents and/or established pResidential impersonator(s)? Is Samantha Bee still thinking of putting on her alternative event? Inquiring minds want to know…

Thought Experiment(s)

Saturday, 19 Shivring 2017

I wonder what would happen if, during Dolt 45*’s State of the Union address, various Democratic Congresscritters would, one by one, pounce on the many lies that Forrest Drumpf will be spewing, and interject just one word – WRONG! – into the conversation. Each one of them independently, one by one, during the course of the speech.

I also wonder, a la Animal House, what would happen…

if everyone started doing this while saying the word bullshit during the bullshit portion of the State of the Union Address this year.

Inquiring minds want to know…

* – big props to Balloon Juice and the proprietor thereof for making me aware of this moniker for the PeeResident. And getting me to wonder, is there a site on the internets that keeps an up to date listing of the many referents to the Mafia Owned Don? It appears that, even at this early date, there is at least one which tries to include attribution in its’ listings. And of course you might also be getting there because you went to Follow Me Here in days of yore (like I did) and you found it there before you found it here. The more things change…

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Go Falcons!

Fryday, 11 Shivring 2017

Saw this just before the Stupor Bowl started. Can’t believe the rampant Republicant jingoism (PapaDoc and Bar? Really?) during the spectacle, and I just saw a murderer’s row of farging Republicant iceholes at the game sitting on those seats that cost as much today as many Social Security recipients receive for all of 2017. Wonderful work from Bill Maher on Friday’s New Rules:

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