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Shameless Pandering

Hey kids! I haven’t really been utilizing this platform properly of late what with all the trying to survive on zero income and the myriad medical probings and the existential crisis the reich wing Republicants have been going through lately, but hopefully that will change in that perhaps some of my previous journamalistic exercises will be re-released on these pages.

In the meanwhile I have been busily tweaking the Mafia Owned Don on my Twitter feed along with any other juicy targets that present themselves. Please consider following my Twitter feed and stopping by to say hello if you do that sort of thing.

And also I managed to find an old acquaintance who used to do the radio show at the Mess just before I went on. After an amazing lifetime of wondrous adventure he is now the head brewmeister at Strathcona Beer Company [warning: video autoplays at link] in Vancouver, British Columbia. Congrats Fezz and that follower your brewpub has from Michigan is Your Humble Narrator. I’m thinking of trying to convince Doc and the boys to take a trip out to sample your wares even though most of them are single malt kind of guys because everybody likes beer!

Anyways,… today also happens to be the occasion of my oldest younger sister’s fifty-fourth birthday. Remember, it’s just a number – a constantly increasing fairly large number, but still…

Could This Be A Sign Of THe Apocalypse?

Saturday, 29 Wintring 2013

Batshiat Bachmann is ululating about the End Times lately, and since my recent bout of unenjoyment I’ve been strongly maintaining that, for a large portion of the inhabitants of the planet, if you’re not depressed then there’s something wrong with you. Now, even though I and The Church of the Afternoon Nap do not believe in any sort of Invisible Sky Fairy, especially not one who would even consider listening to the loons who try and palm themselves off as religious leaders and purport to speak on its’ behalf in the media these days*, I still have to wonder sometimes.

Especially when I see things like Snake Venom, listed as a beer at sixty seven and a half percent alcohol.

Let me repeat that. Snake Venom is a beer that is 67.5 percent alcohol.

There appears to have been a quantum leap in brewmaking skills that I may have missed. Further research needs to be done but I feel confident in letting the public know that Happy Face Breweries will be on the case and investigating the homebrewing possibilities of these new techniques. Leave it to the Scots to come up with such a thing as a beer that is two thirds alcohol…

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* – except maybe the new head of the Cathy-Licks, Pope Frankie, who has been heard and seen exhibiting the kind of Catholicism that I was brought up to believe in of late. As long as he keeps on the whole peace and love thing and lays off of the smiting and exorcizing a bit…