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…And The Twitter Feed Is No More

Can’t even find the original tweet – something about there never being as many sore winners as there are right now – a mighty quip that Your Humble Narrator could never hope to aspire to emulating even if he had an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of typewriters. From someone relatively well known on my followers list. That I have a ton of respect and admiration for from back in the BartCop days. Who has discussed how he has been abused by others.

Update 5 Conclusion 2016: Found the original tweet:

Just hanging out there like a fat changeup that I was waiting on…


@crimmins it sounds like you don’t remember 2000 very well as I remember a ton of sore winners back then


@FunnyFarmer10 Fcuk quip nitpicking. Seriously. Write one fcuking quip that good EVER hashtag game player w 16 followers. Go away.


Going away now. Thanks for making this day extra special for me.