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Shut It Down

Tuesday, 13 Conclusion 2016

So Republicants have been threatening to shut down the government if they don’t get to illegally install a madman as Secretary of Defense.

Good! Every day that they shut down the government over this is another day that the Insane Horror Clown can’t do anything more to wreck amerikkka. And any Democrats out there should promise an equal reaction to any of Forrest Drumpf‘s initiatives. If they need Democrats to establish a quorum, then Democrats don’t show up. If they can be filibustered, they should be filibustered – just like Republicants have been doing to Obama and the Democrats for the last eight years. If Turtle Boy McChicken$hit needs help in the Senate with anything, throw him a frelling anchor.

It might not stop the upcoming T Rumpmageddon, but it might just slow it down enough to let amerikkka survive these traitorous arseholes.

Share and Enjoy! before Republicants make it illegal to criticize the gubmint…

Quick Thought For The day

So the Combover Caligula is going to start sending text messages to the whole nation when he illegally occupies the white House for the next four years. I sure hope they are one way texts for his sake, because if I get any more crap from the Republcant iceholes who are going to destroy this country I will be responding in an appropriate manner. As I’m guessing quite a few million of my countrymen will be doing as well.

These idiots deserve to be treated the way they have treated Barack Obama for his entire presidency – deny them any sort of legitimacy, oppose them at every step, and expose their traitorous actions to the amerikkkan people.