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Blast From The Past

Humpday, 11 Wintring 2016

Here’s a little something I first posted in Falltring (roughly Septemberish) 2005:


Update From The Front

Tuesday, 26 Falltring 2005

We aren’t sure if there are many of you out there who have even heard of the Veggie Van, much less keep up with its’ adventures in traveling around the country and promoting biodiesel as an alternative to petroleum based fuel.

However, we have to tell you that Josh Tickell has been busy in the last few weeks helping out with NOLA disaster recovery*. Here’s the latest update on his activities, as well as a request for some assistance. If you live in the Altanta area, we would like to ask that you pay particular attention to this message:

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your continued donations and support for our relief work in Louisiana. If you are reading this email, then our ship has passed the Gulf oil derricks and dipped back into cell phone coverage, and we are likely close to, or inside of the mouth of the Mississippi River. It has been an amazing voyage and I will soon have updates available on my blog at

Until then, we need help organizing the next portion of the Veggie Van’s trip across the Southeast.

We are in need of the following:

1) A car and driver to follow the Veggie Van from Lake Charles, Louisiana to Atlanta, Georgia. We will depart from Lake Charles on Wed. Sept. 21 and arrive in Atlanta on Saturday Sept 24. (This may slide forward a day depending on conditions). Car and driver will travel with
a cameraperson to get shots from the road. We will be staying with families affected by the Katrina disaster. This is semi-voluntary work. We will pay for your food, fuel and take care of your accommodations as well as give you $25/day.

2) A qualified diesel or truck mechanic in Atlanta, Georgia that can take receipt of the Veggie Van upon arrival. Known problems so far include a coolant hose that must be replaced and a leaking brake system. Other problems may arise with the old van before she lands in

3) A friend who can offer two or three people a place to stay in Atlanta for one night.

4) A safe place to keep the Veggie Van in Atlanta for about a month. The van is 21 feet long, 8.5 feet wide and 8 foot 8 inches tall.

Please let us know if you can help us on this incredible voyage by emailing the item you can help with and your contact details to:

And don’t forget to read my blog and listen to my audio updates on

Thank you!

Josh Tickell

We wish Josh all the best in his efforts, and ask once more: if you’re in metro Altanta, and you can give him and his group some assistance, please consider doing so. You’ll be glad you did!

* – amazing how progressives seem to be helping out without even being asked, or being concerned about their profit margins on the recovery work. Funny how that works…


I am happy to report that Josh is still around and interested in helping anyone who would like to try and tyransition from fossil fuels to more sustainable alternatives. I have sent a message and might even update the studio audience if I get any information to update you with.

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What is Fourteen In Internets Years?

Tuesday, 10 Wintring 2016

…because right around now in 2002 I first posted to my first website on the wild world web and joined blogtopia (y! sctp!). But now I have seemingly grown tired of screaming into the wilderness here on my site.

However, all is not lost! there’s this Twitter thing; turns out a long time heavyweight liberal ex-blogger and I enjoy bouncing our mental savagery against each other and I’ve hammered meself a few hypocritical farging Republicant iceholes and worked off some stress while trying to act as a basic force for good in our time. So there’s that…

Not sure when I’m coming up for air again, but it’s also too almost time to start getting this year’s Xmas MegaMixx together, so if you would like to email me any requests for Xmas songs to be included in this year’s mix, fire away.

Quick Question To Any Traitourous Hypocritical Republicant Trumpling Who Questions The Health Of The Democratic Candidate For President Of The United States Of America

Saturday, 26 Sweltring 2016

Why were you silent when you knew Ronnie Ray-Gun had Alzheimiers while running for president in 1984? Why did you say nothing while his cabal ran the country for the rest of his presidency while he drooled quietly into his jellybeans?

And why do you think anyone cares what hypocritical nonsense you spew now?

Inquiring minds want to know…

It Was Twelve Years Ago Today…

Tuesday, 10 Wintring 2014

…that I started blogging over at blogspot. It’s been a long weird wonderful ride, and, yes, kids – the secret is still to keep banging those rocks together.

In the meantime, in twelve years’ time:

Republicants are still blithering idiots who lie about everything.

I bought a house for my Sig-O and I to enjoy in our dotage, and then watched things fall apart*. The same house has recently gone through considerable trauma after experiencing other** issues over the last couple of years.

I was happily and gainfully employed in my chosen profession at the start of this adventure, and have also watched almost any hope of rejoining the workforce fade away – even though I have many major corporations on my resume, extensive experience at every level of an IT department, and a proven record of positive results for the companies I have been working for. I am also going to be fifty-four in November, recently went through a quadruple coronary bypass, have significant health issues, and now have enhanced the difficulty I have had dealing with the long term mental health issues I have been living with since childhood, due to the long term underemployment situation I have been dealing with for the past six years (with a brief eighteen month foray into the working world that both caused and resolved the heart problems that led to the bypass). So I am thinking that gainful employment is not something I should be considering as a viable life path for the rest of my life.

I was also happily and finally in love with the person I thought I would happily be spending the rest of my life with. And then I got to watch that fall apart. Without even having much of any sort of an idea why I have been thrown on the trash heap in the first place.

Plus also too I have recently been having other issues of a personal nature that I am not even prepared to discuss other than to say that I have been been having other issues of a personal nature. So it goes…

Anyways,… so it’s been twelve years. Maybe I’ve gotten as many visits (total) as most of the blogs in the links zone get for an individual post. There have been quite a few other attempts to get some bloggy goodness out there that have fallen by the wayside. And there are a couple more that I would like to not fail and possibly even thrive in the days to come. Only time will tell…

* – link goes to the Wayback Machine’s entry for our blog in October 2004, about six months after I moved to our previous ISP host and off of blogspot. Scroll down to the entry for October 7…

** – link goes to the Wayback Machine’s entry for our blog in July 2012. Scroll down to the post, Disaster Averted

Who Could Have Predicted?

Friday, 17 Sweltring 2014

That a bunch of Reich Wing Republicants would turn the suicide of a bipolar human being who happened to not completely and wholeheartedly embrace the conservative ethos into an excuse to punch the hippies once again; worse yet, he actually made some noise about it! In Public! (shudder) Hit him again!

From the (cough) dozens of us who have had to deal with the whole bipolar thing on a more or less constant basis for, you know, all of our lives – thanks so much for that, um, insightful analysis of how exactly liberalism is the root cause of all of our woes. Just another thing we have had to deal with on a more or less constant basis for, you know, all of our lives

…including some others who didn’t quite make it…

Ahem… besides making some noise about things non-teabagging conservatroid Republicant, this suicidal bipolar non-Republicant did some other things, too…

Interviewer: Nicky, how do you like being in America?

Nicky Lenin: Mmmph! Mmmph!
Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!

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Michigan’s Famous Weather Rears Its Ugly Head On Tax Day

Friday, 20 Goodenuf 2014

After slightly more than fifty years of cognizant meandering through this thing called life I have managed to put together a number of canned responses to some of the ususal questions that, hopefully, from time to time, jogs a few of my fellow beings into a slightly different way of looking at things. For example, quite often after I mention that I have apnea, and use a CPAP machine in order to sleep properly*, I get asked “how do you sleep at night?” The canned Funny Farm response (from before the Funny Farm even existed as a gleam in a young nerd’s eye) has been “like a baby – I wake up every two hours crying and screaming”**.

After almost an entire fortnight of pleasant spring weather I awoke early this morning to an eerie luminescence that made me double check my internal body clock, because it was too bright – even factoring in the full moon and the lunar eclipse action – to be that early in the morning. Unless…

After ten plus days of blissful remission from the Winter From Hell, this morning a goodly portion of the lower part of Michigan*** was once again covered in fluffy white crystallized water. It’s still coming down as I am putting this blog post together. Working from home does have some definite perks that I hope my fellow almost former HP employees are taking advantage of right now****. It still looks pretty – as long as I don’t think too much about the possibility of having to shovel my pavement once more. And I’m reasonably sure, rationally, that it will all be gone in a relatively short time, even if there is a cold snap for a few days. But deep down this winter has dampened my youthful appreciation of the season. Winter’s just not as much fun as it used to be for the first three months every year.

Anyways,… hoping you’re coping with whatever mother nature has thrown your way today, and your tax adventure was as (relatively) enjoyable as mine – I made the lady at the counter’s day yesterday when she sold me a money order for $4 (the amount I owed to the city of Pontiac after all the numbers had been crunched), and finished taking care of my taxes for the year. And, if you’re out on the roads in southeastern Michigan, slow down and be careful out there!

* – or even to nap during the afternoon. Yes, dear readers, Your Humble Narrator is strapped into a machine whenever he needs to get some shuteye.

** – it’s actually more like four or five hours or so, and the longer I’m asleep the more likely I am to wake up with either or both of my calves cramping (and most definitely crying and screaming is involved in those situations).

*** – yah, youse Yoopers probly gots anudder month til spring even has a chance to start, eh? – but north of the Big Mack is another world, and another story, altogether, eh?

**** – technically I am still employed and looking for gainful employment within the medium sized city that is HP worldwide. And I am encountering pretty much the same love and affection that I have from the business community at large whenever I try to request that they look at my skills and let me help their business make more money by employing me. And I am getting older and crankier and even more tired of jumping through the hoops and running the obstacle course (almost always superbly if given the chance) only to be told thanks but no thanks. So far my attempts to get the corporate world to once again take me into their embrace have been unsuccessful.

Goodbye To A Good Friend

Friday, 15 Priming 2014

Well – I have been all wrapped up in the loss of gainful employment once more, and took a break from the internets for a few days. And then I went back to my favorite tequila treehouse to see if there were any more words of wisdom from my good friend Bartcop.

It is to my great sorrow that I found out that Bart is gone. I don’t think it has really sunk in yet. But I already miss him. And it saddens me to no end that I won’t be able to talk to him ever again.

So long, Bart. I will be making a few toasts in my Chinaco shot glasses over the next few days in your honor. So sorry to hear you’re gone…

Where Are They Now?

Humpday, 6 Priming 2014

There are a lot of things in the archives of the Funny Farm that have fallen by the wayside in the eleven plus years of bloggy goodness (coming up on ten years at this particular web address in April, as a matter of fact) I have been able to spew onto the internets. One of the ones that has gone dormant is the subject of today’s blast into the past…

In days (apparently) long gone, a small group of actors got together, and under the direction of an enterprising lad named Francis Stokes, they put together (among other things) a six part YouTube video series called God Inc in late 2006. At least some of the ensemble cast have appeared in some of the other videos linked to at the site, but there are no updates after 2008.

I tried to email Francis’ Monkey Secretary but he must have run away; and I can find no other way of finding anyone involved other than starting to physically going out and looking for them. Which goes far beyond any investigative budget considerations available to the Funny Farm Investigative Burro at this time.

I haven’t been able to get any more updates other than what you can find online. And I haven’t heard about anything at all coming from SciFi buying the rights to the God Inc franchise. But, if you haven’t yet had the pleasure, please take less than an hour out of your busy life and watch all six episodes of God Inc. You might even consider spending a bit more time and checking out some of the other video available from the links above – before they get bloggered, too… You’ll be glad you did!

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The Two Thousand Dollar Album

Friday, 19 Premise 2014

Here’s another bit of nostalgia from the archives:

Originally posted on Friday, 10 Sweltring 2010

I have a two thousand dollar album in my CD collection that you can purchase from CD Baby for $5.99! Let me tell you all about it…

the most expensive album in my collection

I recently received an update from a former co-worker, telling me about the latest news with regards to the album he (and his friend) released while I was working with him at SearsMart. Apparently, they now have an international top 10 hit from the album, according to the International Association of Independent Recording Artists (IAIRA). So I guess congratulations are in order for C T H S (Cortez Taylor and Herman Stacy), and hopefully this the start of something big for them.

I was one of his fellow employees at SearsMart for a number of years until my area got melded into his. I eventually learned that he was one of the few people whose views were even close to mine about, well, pretty much everything* in the new group I was now part of. And I eventually managed to find my way into the pecking order (our group went under the unofficial title of the department of grump bunnies) and hang out with Cortez and a few others** at break time, go to lunch together, etc.

So it was that I learned of his music, his potential upcoming album, and his need of additional capital in order to get the job done. Two thousand dollars of additional capital. Being well ahead in my own financial recovery plan at the time, I was able to find the resources to lend a hand to a friend. I got a promissory note with an excellent return on my investment. And a pretty good piece of music was released to the public – good enough for an international top 10 hit at the time of this posting.

Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished. C T H S made the payments (more or less) on time for the first six months, but then Cortez got zapped by the IRS and this happened and that happened, and, well, it’s now the middle of 2010. And Your Humble Narrator is still waiting for a still gainfully employed member of the SearsMart family and a motherCheneying Christian minister*** to get their act together and honor their debt.

Actually, I’m not waiting any more – Cortez now needs his cash to trick out his daughter’s beemer and probably didn’t even know he told me the news about the album via the power of automagic email updates. And, if there’s an Invisible Sky Fairy****, there have been no updates from that area regarding this particular situation with one of their spokespersons. No – I’m putting this out onto the internets so that any future investors will be a bit less trusting than I was should C T H S request additional investment capital.

Yes – I could have taken them to small claims court. But I’m pretty sure it’s too late for that now, I’m not all that interested in another adventure within the justice (cough) system, and I’m not sure I have enough resources to take that project on (I’ve taken previous ‘friends’ to court before, and it wasn’t all that and a bag of chips, if you get my drift). And I’m not all that into burning bridges these days and still have a faint hope that Cortez (at least) will do the right thing and finally take care of this problem.

Update Friday, 19 Premise 2014: and now it’s 2014, and I can’t find much of an internets presence for the group. Lots of places to purchase the album, at varying prices, over a lot of outlets (Amazon, iTunes, etc) – but not a lot about the artists themselves. I’m not particularly inclined to tilt at that particular windmill anyways. But it would be nice one day to update this post so that it doesn’t provide anecdotal evidence that ministers of traditional christian religious organizations are thieving weasels who should be shunned in polite society.

* – a lot of Rush Limbaugh fans, several card carrying members of the Gawd Squad, some “moderates” who really don’t want to be bothered with all the nonsense and just want to bring their families up and enjoy life (and/or don’t let it intrude into their business persona), and me.

** – the other culprits shall remain unidentified here; but fellow SearsMart employees of the time would easily be able to fill in the blanks.

*** – it seems to me to be particularly appalling to find yet another so-called servant of Gawd having no problem screwing over his fellow man.

**** – which I seriously doubt – so much so that I hesitate to even use the phrase, except in particularly ironically appropriate situations such as these.