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I Am Now Part Of The Twitterverse

Friday, 6 Wintring 2014

I finally had to break the silence and start utilizing one of the cooler toys on the internets. What finally got me motivated enough to do this?

@midnight, that’s what. They have a nightly competition called HashtagWars where they give you a topic and ask you for your responses.

You can check out the things that I say in the twitterverse here. And eventually I will be addressing the controversy that has been brewing on @midnight for a while now – the unfair besmirching of the good (cough) name of Johnny Lemonhead by comparing him to Brent Morin. I personally can’t see the resemblance:

The REAL Johnny Lemonhead

Not Johnny Lemonhead

But I don’t know why Chris Hardwick hasn’t mentioned my good friend Max Cannon or his site, Red Meat. A quick trip there would resolve this conundrum for once and all…

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