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Quick Question For Hockey Fans

Friday, 4 Reckning 2013

Have the original six NHL franchises ever all been in the playoffs together?  I know the Leafs and the Habs haven’t been regulars to the playoff scene recently, and I can remember when Chicago, New York, and Boston were all sucking bad.  But I do not seem to recall a year when all six of them were in the playoffs at the same time…

Also, too – I do have a lot of good friends who are fanatical about their favorite hockey team.  One of them sent me this over the weekend:


Environment Canada reports the air around metro Toronto is being polluted with the smell of mothballs and mould as Toronto Maple Leaf fans unpack banners,flags and pennants from trunks and closets.
Environment Canada reports there is no drastic danger and not to worry the smell should go away in about 10-15 days.

Also, also, too – it’s Monday in the real world, but it’s never Monday when you use the Midling Calendar, and in fact today is Friday for Your Humble Narrator.  If you would like to play tricks with time and enjoy no Mondays and two Fridays every week, you should post a comment here so you can purchase one of my calendars and enjoy a different view of time.  Hope you manage to squeeze some satisfaction into this freshly minted week…

I Don’t Write Enough Blog Entries Any More

Fryday 28 Goodenuf 2013

…but that might be changing – especially if I can restore the blog entries I have saved from my previous hosting service.  As part of my work committment, I have challenged myself to finally learn JAVA.  With a bunch of very intelligent, very hungry young employees that were brought into our corporate entity at the same time as I was.  Hopefully my new found skills will help me convert the archives from Movable Type (which was supplied to me by my old web host) into WordPress (which is supplied to me by my new web host).

Until then, you will just have to hang out, take a nap, and slowly catch up while I highlight some of my even older archives from the web host previous to my last one.  In between the new job, the new girl, the continuing health issues, and the social life that I am determined to keep, it’s going to be somewhat of a challenge to find any time to write.  Hope to be up to the challenge in the days to come…

I Write Letters

Friday 13 Goodenuf 2013

So, Turbo Tax sent me a survey, and asked me to let them know, Based on your recent interaction with TurboTax Help and Support, how would you say that we (TurboTax Support) performed against your expectations? (waaay below expectations – don’t stroke me out waiting for you to pick me up off of the ignore pile.  For a five minute conversation…)


Why do you feel that way? Please be specific.

So I became specific:

Dropped my call and call details.  Sent my call into limbo for over an hour.  For a relatively simple answer to be confirmed by the proper representative, your automated systems fell apart on a long term customer who has been loyal to your company, and put an inordinate additional amount of stress into an already stressful situation.

Simple and straight forward.  It is unfortunate to contemplate that there might be a number of individuals within the general population who would stroke out in such a scenario, especially given the number of us who are sometimes acutely aware that they could be part of that subset of humanity if they don’t try and calm the frell down.  Venting to releive the tension seems to have been remarkably effective in this case…

…and it is with great regret that I have to inform you that the spambots have found the site once again and will be drowning out a lot of you (cough) until I figure out an effective strategery to handle the relentless outpouring of spammy spamtastic deluges of spam.  Akismet will have to be set up another day…

Taxes and Tourney Final

Thursday, 12 Goodenuf 2013

This weekend’s To Do list included a brief struggle with Turbo Tax and a lot of adrenaline packed american college basketball.  Due to some changes in my personal situation – due to the four year drought in gainful employment – I have been utilizing some of the excess space in my house to a friend of a friend for an extremely reduced rent*.  I am also taking a loss on the small business I have been forced to dissolve as of the first of this year.  Apparently this combination is unusual enough and / or considered enough of a red flag to set off a number of warnings in Turbo Tax.  The problem came when the automated software lost me and my personal information and so I got tossed into the ignore pile.  when their pseudo accountant finally got on the line it was only a matter of minutes to go through the contentious issues in my taxes this year and complete filing them electronically.

After turning into a Grump Bunny over the delays in my tax work digging in to my nap time, I got set up in front of the idiot box for some fantastic college basketball.  The entire process was relatively painless except for the extra time spent helping to finance Charles Barkley’s gambling excesses and Alec Baldwin’s child support, and hearing over and over about the benefits of the Capital One credit card.  At least one armchair colege basketball coach was vainly trying to influence the behavior of (in particular) the coach of the Michigan Wolverines – that I can attest to** – adding to the overall infotainment quotient of the event.  Now we can all look forward to the Maize and Blue going up against the Cardinals of Louisville on Monday night in Atlanta.  Whoever wins, let’s all hope for no more seriously painful looking major injuries to take place in the tournament.

Of course, the moment I decide to start trying to add some more bloggy goodness to the internets on a regular basis, things manage to get somewhat more exciting in my personal space.  It is quite nice to find out that you are not quite the overfed long haired leaping gnome that you cannot help but picture yourself as*** – at least it’s not quite what at least one someone else sees when they peer in your general direction.

I will be speaking more of the other major upheavals in my personal space as I find the words and time to let you know all about them.  Suffice it to say (for now) that getting past fifty and into the golden years of retired bliss could be somewhat more difficult than originally thought, but I have embarked on a number of areas of potential profitable retirement activity.

Hope life is treating you at least half as well as you deserve.  Stay tuned to these pages for the answers to our first quiz, and more trips down memory lane in the days to come…

* – due to her being on Social Security Disability and living (cough) on under 700 dollars a month.

** – not including myself…

*** – especially considering the plethora of times life, the universe, and everything has smacked you upside the melon and reminded you that life is neither fair nor particularly forgiving…

edited slightly for typos by Your Humble Narrator on 13 Goodenuf 2013

Back To The Beginning

Humpday, 11 Goodenuf 2013

Here’s a bit of nostalgia courtesy of the Funny Farm Archival Retrospective Tracking System:

Greetings from the Funny Farm!

I have to start off by saying a big hello to all you froody molochiks and “all intelligent lifeforms everywhere… and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys.” Funny Farm Fact Finding Quiz: can you name the author of that quote? Where does molochik and froody come from?

To start off with, it’s good to be back. I just got back from a whirlwind trip across the country. I managed to snag tickets to a little party called BartFest 2002 in Las Vegas, NV at the Rio hotel and casino/resort – as well as a beautiful suite at the Rio in the sky overlooking the Strip! Also managed to snag a late set from a fabulous guitar player named Bruce Conti (at the Gold Coast across the street), along with a very nice CD of his work. And a show from Penn and Teller. And a trip through some of the casinos: the Luxor, Excalibur, NYNY, the new (2002) Aladdin. And a trip to the big light show and casinos downtown (where I managed to pay for the buffet and then some at the blackjack tables – yayy!)… so much to see and do in Vegas! I hardly got a chance to drink it all in…

And I’m going to give you just a taste of the mental intertwinings permeating my spanktuary before letting you meaunder around your life journeys: lots and lots of people will be protesting the proposed war in Iraq this weekend (the first weekend in October 2002). Will the Media Whores notice? Or seek to ridicule and downplay them? Will they be a success, or will we see some sort of Homeland Security shenanigans go down? And will any of it change the attitude of the American people between now and the mid-term elections only a month away? Inquiring minds want to know…*

based on the original post at the Original Funny Farm by (: Tom 🙂 at 10/05/2002 02:42:00 PM

* – of course, we all know how that turned out – the Republicants got re-electorated and the Illegally Installed Drunken Cokeheaded Deserter (During Wartime) got his illicit illegitimate war with Iraq.  Booyah!