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I Write Letters

Friday 13 Goodenuf 2013

So, Turbo Tax sent me a survey, and asked me to let them know, Based on your recent interaction with TurboTax Help and Support, how would you say that we (TurboTax Support) performed against your expectations? (waaay below expectations – don’t stroke me out waiting for you to pick me up off of the ignore pile.  For a five minute conversation…)


Why do you feel that way? Please be specific.

So I became specific:

Dropped my call and call details.  Sent my call into limbo for over an hour.  For a relatively simple answer to be confirmed by the proper representative, your automated systems fell apart on a long term customer who has been loyal to your company, and put an inordinate additional amount of stress into an already stressful situation.

Simple and straight forward.  It is unfortunate to contemplate that there might be a number of individuals within the general population who would stroke out in such a scenario, especially given the number of us who are sometimes acutely aware that they could be part of that subset of humanity if they don’t try and calm the frell down.  Venting to releive the tension seems to have been remarkably effective in this case…

…and it is with great regret that I have to inform you that the spambots have found the site once again and will be drowning out a lot of you (cough) until I figure out an effective strategery to handle the relentless outpouring of spammy spamtastic deluges of spam.  Akismet will have to be set up another day…