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Batshiat Bachmann Won’t Be Back…

Saturday, 4 Infusion 2013

…and she won’t have to run away from reporters when she’s making this announcementbecause she released her I’m quitting announcement on the internets. Why bother the reality based community with any weaselly (and possibly actionable) Republicant kimchee in a face to face setting when there’s that whole series of tubes to hide behind? The more things change…

Also too tonight marks the last NHL playoff game in May, where yet another Original Six team hits the golf course is eliminated from the playoffs. It took until June to get rid of more than half the original franchises in the league this year. As for the World Hockey championships, well, the less said the better…

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The Great Shame That Habs Fans Will Have To Deal With Until Next May (at least)

Fryday, 19 Reckning 2013

Even though it was only two games, Montreal Canadiens fans will now have to deal with the fact that the Toronto Maple Leafs went farther into the NHL playoffs than they did. For the first time in some of their memories, there is incontravertable proof that, for at least a few moments, the Leafs were better than the Habs.

Habs are golfing for the rest of the playoffs

Detroit Red Wings fans, of course, are still secure that they are, at the very least, in the middle echelon of original six franchises. Boston Bruin fans can exhale for the moment, as can New York Rangers fans. And many are looking towards the Chicago Black Hawks as eventual Stanley Cup champions. Two down, two to go down next round, since the remaining four teams play each other this round (Chicago vs Detroit in the west and Boston vs New York in the east). Hope the hockey is just as exciting as it has been so far, but also hoping that the officiating stops being more than a neutral presence keeping a lid on things in the background.

Some Links Have Been Subverted

Friday, 11 Reckning 2013

Recently, I have been trying to bring some semblance of order to the Links Zone that can now be found over on the right hand side of the bloggy goodness that is the Funny Farm, as well as check out some of the more age-enhanced links in the Zone and verify that they are still viable.  Imagine my surprise  upon finding out that some Republicant bastiches have bought some of the old anti-GeeWhatADumbA$$ web sites and turned them into pro-GeeWhatADumbA$$ web sites.  Further investigations will be required but for now it can be said that the  Funny Farm Archival Retrospective Tracking System has unearthed a link to a fairly decent copy of the NoFX classic Idiot Son If An A$$hole and installed it where the Codpiece Cowboy fluff site was previously linked to.

Also, too – the Funny Farm is hoping to convince our old internets friend over at Blah3 that he should resurrect some sort of tribute to the old flash movies that inspired so many back in the day, but for now our dedicated (cough) staff is content to merely add him back to the links zone.  We might get around to removing the Poor Man one of these days as well…

For now it is the fervent hope of all and sundry around these parts that any as yet unexplored (by the staff) links on this site do not lead into nasty places that the average internets utilizer will have trouble with.

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