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Life’s Been Good So Far

Mid Year’s Day, 2013

You know how they say that, when things are going well, there’s really not a lot to say? That does seem to explain a lot of the dearth of blog posts that I have not been putting up here lately. Well… I would like to take this time to let the studio audience know that, in addition to the recent events outlined in the previous post:

– things are still going relatively well on a number of fronts, and I am functioning quite well as a square peg in the round hole that I have found within the megacorp in which I am ensconced.

– once the commotion in my personal situation died down and things got back to (relatively) normal, one of my co-workers set me up with her sister, who also works for the same corporation as I do. Now I am in my first official office romance, and it looks like we are going to make it together over the long haul. At least she isn’t running away

– I have been able to work out new and improved strategeries of stress management, which have been immensely helpful in dealing with the collection agencies that the myriad of health care professionals who interacted with me during my recent hospital stay have been sending my way, and who seem to want to undo all of the good work that the health care system took care of in October by stressing me to the point of new health problems. It probably would have been better if these health care professionals actually had used the health care system to process their claims, and it might also be a good thing if my health care provider was a little less rigid in their procedures and a little more willing to look at medical billing issues due to administrative problems.

There are a few other things I have been dealing with of late; hopefully some eyeballs will check this blog post out and get their kimchi together so that I don’t have to blog about what exactly it is I have to deal with, and expose all the sordid details to the internets and put them on the permanent record. Confidence is high that this issue will be resolved by the end of the month.

So – just thought you might like to know: all is well (almost too good); I am still gainfully employed once more; I am happily engaged in naughty behavior with someone who enjoys being naughty too (with me!); I am taking contributions to help offset the medical bills arising from my recent health care work, support the international good works of the The Church of The Afternoon Nap, and continue to be a Basic Force For Good In Our Time; and I am hopeful that the future is going to be a happy place for Your Humble Narrator in the days to come.

A Long Delayed Update On The Personal Condition Of Your Humble Narrator

Fryday, Mid Year’s Eve, 2013

Editors’ Note: this is a repost of a recent blog entry from February of this year when the web site was hosted by a different internets service provider

It has been a while since I have had the time and/or energy to try and let you know how things have been going at the Funny Farm of late. But I will give the internets at least a brief synopsis of the events in my personal life of the past few months.

I finally managed to have a personal friend get to a place where she could recommend me for employment in my chosen profession. So, last year, on October the first, I finally became a working stiff once more. Once again I have landed in a major megacorporation – although this time I am pretty sure that I’m not in the head office. There are good and bad elements to the position, and I really don’t want to bring my new employers into the blog much. I will say that I have never had an employer that is as generous and as focused on the safety and well being of its’ employees as I have now. They covered my sorry a$$ from day one and have put up with a bit of situational difficulties on my part. For example:

Last year, about a week before Halloween, I was admitted to a local emergency room with chest pains. Which meant that I was held in their clutches long enough for them to perform a stress test, find out that I had long exhausted my medication, and that I have something screwed up with regards to my coronary arteries (fair warning to any relatives reading this website – which apparently runs in the family). Which then meant that, two days before Halloween, I was operated on, and quadruple coronary bypass surgery was performed on me. So I have been recuperating from that until basically the start of the new year.

There has also been a bit of angst within the family because my dad has been in failing health over the last few years. A couple of different types of cancer, Parkinson’s, and a general degradation of the physical systems that will probably occur to Your Humble Narrator long before he gets to be 87 as my father recently did last December. Well, he finally left this mortal coil on the last day of January of this year. Many condolences to the many who will miss him in the days to come.

Days Of Glory Gone By

Saturday, 18 Infusion 2013

As a former deejay who has entertained at hundreds of weddings, it has been my pleasure to see many unusual events take place.* Lots of choreographed dancing by various sub groups of the wedding party, different variations on the usual stuff, that sort of thing. Some of the ones that really stood out for me were:

– the wedding party that was held in a high school gymnasium / auditorium where the limo that took the bride and groom away dove on to the dance floor to whisk them away after their last dance of the night
– my first training gig, where I met one of my best friends, ran out of gas, and watched a bride and groom try to drive off in their car after someone had tinkered with it and hooked the brake pedal up to the horn, so that whenever they hit the brakes the horn would sound
– when one of my cousins got married, and one of his brothers gave the wrong directions to the DJ so they got to the wedding a few hours late**
– the couple who showed up for their last dance in ski outfits and hit the local slopes on the day they were married
– the wedding that a good friend and I pre-recorded so we could party at the wedding, where I had to start veering from the pre-recording after about fifteen minutes, didn’t have enough of the right material for the crowd, ended the wedding party by nine o’clock (right after the dessert plate got hurriedly set up waaaaaay early), had a big fight with my girlfriend at the time, flooded the car (but finally got it started), and generally had one of the worst days of my life

I also featured a wonderful video of a flash mob doing something for a bride and groom recently. So I’d like to add a couple of noteworthy achievements to that list.

They both share a common theme: a bridal party that suddenly faces great danger, and has to make a run for it:

Wedding Party Chased by T-Rex

Wedding Party Chased by Imperial Walkers

Thanks to (I think) Bartcop for pointing me to the first picture, and Shakesville for pointing me to the second one…

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* – public inebriation would be one of the more common events taking place at a wedding celebration. Some of the events arising from groups of inebriated people, however, have risen into unusual territory…

** – I said unusual. I didn’t say good.