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Tribute To A Good Friend

Saturday, 28 Promise 2013

Over a year ago, an acquaintance of mine made mention of the fact that her niece was looking for a place to stay. She was living with her parents and trying to help raise one of her children while struggling with a serious case of Crohn’s Disease and some serious psychological issues. But her heart was in the right place, she was trying as hard as she could to be a good person, and she was hoping to help everyone’s situation out by relieving the pressure and tension involved in living with your parents and your daughter (and having your sister and her children living right next door to boot) where there are, almost automatically by default, a lot of social, emotional, and financial pressures to deal with.

So, being in need of some financial help myself, and being the old softy that I am, I let her rent a room in my house. She pretty much had her own bathroom, and use of the common areas in the house. She would go back and forth between my place and her parents’, and visit them for days at a time. Her daughter was glad to come over and stay with her, and it seemed to make everyone happy. Life was good.

Her daughter has been staying with her – wherever she has been staying – pretty much since school ended this year. It looked to Your Humble Narrator as though they were both having a lot of fun together and enjoying the time spent with each other. And they were at my home, in their room and all around the place, since they got back from their adventure this weekend.

Yesterday had a number of events come together in my personal life. I finally got another sleep study done (results will be delivered sometime next week, and I should finally be able to get some new CPAP equipment after twelve years) on Tuesday night, and Wednesday was Take Your Child To Work Work From Home Day at the office. So, I got up Wednesday morning hooked to a bunch of wires, got unhooked from a bunch of wires at around six in the morning, showered off most of the goop they use to keep the wires hooked up during the sleep study, then headed for home and a nice day at the office. I made it home just before seven, and all was quiet – her door was closed and everyone was asleep, as far as I knew. So I set up at the kitchen table and started work a bit early – I was hoping to use the extra half hour at the end of the day to get the place ready for a visit from the Sig-O. Life was looking very good.

About 9:30 or so, I was sitting at the kitchen table, looking out at the beautiful view into the woods behind my house, when her daughter came running out of her room, informing me that her mother wasn’t breathing any more. I ran into the bedroom and tried as best as I could to administer CPR to her. But when the paramedics came they said she had been gone for a while already, and there was nothing I or anyone else could do to save her.

Michelle Lynn Bothwell died early on Wednesday, July 24, 2013. The world will be a little less cheerful and bright without her. Please join me in expressing your sorrow and sympathy to her friends and family.

Funny Farm Fast Followup

Fryday, 27 Promise 2013

Just a couple of quick updates on the situation here at the Funny Farm:

– comments are working! I have installed Askimet and it seems to be catching all of the spam. Most of the spammy crap is eliminated outright without any intervention required by Your Humble Narrator; a very few that Askimet is unsure of are put into moderation for me to grok and evaluate. Any faithful Funny Farm followers are encouraged to post a comment and see if it gets through…

– an amazing incident has taken place in my relationship since I last made mention of it: I got a call from my lady telling me she made a major mistake in choosing someone else over me, and could she please just take it back and keep on being my girlfriend? Of course, being the old softy that I am*, I said yes.

So, kids – to sum up: comments are up and running, and (best for last) my baby wants us to stay together. I also managed to get a few other things taken care of and will be going to my first sleep study in over ten years tonight – so life is still wonderful all the time.

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* – also being not completely stupid and stubborn and throwing away the best thing that has ever happened to me because she got a bit antsy and anxious over making a serious commitment to us being together.

Well That Was Quick

Saturday, 21 Promise 2013

In an amazing coincidence – which has magically occurred numerous times at right about this moment in my personal relationships – the person who I am in love with, and who I thought was in love with me and was interested in spending the rest of our brief time on the planet together, has told me that there is someone else in their lives who means more to them than me, and could I please just bugger off and leave them alone in peace?

Obviously relationships are not meant for me to enjoy in this life. And just when I thought it was going well…

Short Takes

Fryday, 13 Promise 2013

– So, I read that a moronic teabagging Republicant former Marine is flying a Nazi flag on his house until Obama resigns or is impeached. I have two observations regarding this piece of ‘news’:

1. How long would this clown have been flying this flag over his house when the Illegally Installed Drunken Cokeheaded Deserter (During Wartime) was pretending to be pResidenting before his house would have been burned to the ground?


2. How long after one of his neighbors puts up a big sign, apologizing to the rest of the world that a hateful bigoted piece of Republicant kimchi lives next door, would this unpatriotic traitorous teabagging Republicant start complaining about his freedoms being infringed?

– I also read about how Pat Robertson wants a vomit button on Facebook so he can virtually vomit at any gays he might run into on the internets. Hey, as long as that vomit button shows up on any of the religiously insane, superstition filled Facebook pages that Pat Frelling Robertson is promoting as well as the ones he wants to hurl on, I’d be happy to virtually vomit all over any of the Invisible Sky Fairy nonsense that this christian terrorist spews out on Facebook. I might even sign up and get a Facebook account just to virtually vomit all over Pat Robertson’s Superstitious Argle Bargle…

Spammers 1, Funny Farm 0

Thursday, 11 Promise 2013

So I’ve had to delete over ten thousand spam comments from my blog since I moved over to the new ISP. Without any real comments (that I could find – it was a bit hard with all that noise, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t have any real comments to find). So I’m turning comments off.

Just out of curiosity, though – can anyone email me and tell me what the purpose of all of this crap polluting the internets is for? I get nothing but enraged at these clowns and unwilling to even think about trying any of the products that their spammy spam is promoting, I can’t think of anyone else getting anything but enraged at these clowns for this crap, and I can’t even figure out why anyone would want to piss people off with spam that will not even be read an d cause them to avoid any products that they got spammed about.

Farging iceholes. This is the kind of thing that I would like the death penalty brought back to take care of…