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Short Takes

Fryday, 13 Promise 2013

– So, I read that a moronic teabagging Republicant former Marine is flying a Nazi flag on his house until Obama resigns or is impeached. I have two observations regarding this piece of ‘news’:

1. How long would this clown have been flying this flag over his house when the Illegally Installed Drunken Cokeheaded Deserter (During Wartime) was pretending to be pResidenting before his house would have been burned to the ground?


2. How long after one of his neighbors puts up a big sign, apologizing to the rest of the world that a hateful bigoted piece of Republicant kimchi lives next door, would this unpatriotic traitorous teabagging Republicant start complaining about his freedoms being infringed?

– I also read about how Pat Robertson wants a vomit button on Facebook so he can virtually vomit at any gays he might run into on the internets. Hey, as long as that vomit button shows up on any of the religiously insane, superstition filled Facebook pages that Pat Frelling Robertson is promoting as well as the ones he wants to hurl on, I’d be happy to virtually vomit all over any of the Invisible Sky Fairy nonsense that this christian terrorist spews out on Facebook. I might even sign up and get a Facebook account just to virtually vomit all over Pat Robertson’s Superstitious Argle Bargle…