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Funny Farm Fast Followup

Fryday, 27 Promise 2013

Just a couple of quick updates on the situation here at the Funny Farm:

– comments are working! I have installed Askimet and it seems to be catching all of the spam. Most of the spammy crap is eliminated outright without any intervention required by Your Humble Narrator; a very few that Askimet is unsure of are put into moderation for me to grok and evaluate. Any faithful Funny Farm followers are encouraged to post a comment and see if it gets through…

– an amazing incident has taken place in my relationship since I last made mention of it: I got a call from my lady telling me she made a major mistake in choosing someone else over me, and could she please just take it back and keep on being my girlfriend? Of course, being the old softy that I am*, I said yes.

So, kids – to sum up: comments are up and running, and (best for last) my baby wants us to stay together. I also managed to get a few other things taken care of and will be going to my first sleep study in over ten years tonight – so life is still wonderful all the time.

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* – also being not completely stupid and stubborn and throwing away the best thing that has ever happened to me because she got a bit antsy and anxious over making a serious commitment to us being together.