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Funny Farm Memorial Sendoffs

Thursday, 3 Betteroff, 2013

Since it seems to happen more and more frequently as time goes on, I thought it might be interesting to note some of the ever expanding set of people who are Funny Farm Favorites but have departed this mortal coil.

Last week saw a couple of our influential faves cease to be: Lou Reed and Marcia Wallace.

Lou gets considerable props in my book for (i) bring married to Laurie Anderson; and (ii) inspiring generations of musicians with his work. He had extensive invasive medical procedures over the last little while and was over seventy years old.

And Marcia Wallace, who besides being well known as the voice of Edna Krabapple in the Simpsons, was Bob Newhart’s secretary in his original TV series, and somebody that seemed to be invited for a guest role in a bunch of teevee series – when she wasn’t starring as part of an ensemble cast in one. And oh boy am I dating myself but she was also on Match Game, Hollywood Squares, Super Password and Password Plus, and, among so many others that I have no desire to link to them all here, something called Body Language. A true inspiration to smart a$$es for a long, long time.

It is the nature of this thing called life that, as time marches on, more and more of our fellow travelers fall by the wayside. And it is to be hoped that those who march on can find some small bit of fortitude somewhere along the way because of the many inspirational efforts of those who have made an impact for us in days gone by. Thanks…

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Eric Cartman Has Surfaced And Is At It Once Again

Sunday, 30 Wintring 2013

Which is kind of another scary thing to have tro see play out in real life: Rotherham school has kick a ginger day to honor (cough) the South Park episode about red haired people.

Some stand up philosophers have theorized that the human race might be able to begin to consider itself to have entered its’ adolescence when it started to realize that, just because the superstitious nonsense / political views / outlook on life your tribe has is different than mine, as long as we can agree on some basic civilities, then we don’t have to wipe each other off of the face of the earth. We might even learn something from each other and possibly put together a better way to get through this thing called life.

I wonder how many of them have to come home bloody and bruised from some random encounter where they were on the wrong side of the equation, and if it will ever stop being something that some of our fellow humans are going to try and get away with.

Thanks to my good friend at What Would Jack Do for pointing me to this story.

Could This Be A Sign Of THe Apocalypse?

Saturday, 29 Wintring 2013

Batshiat Bachmann is ululating about the End Times lately, and since my recent bout of unenjoyment I’ve been strongly maintaining that, for a large portion of the inhabitants of the planet, if you’re not depressed then there’s something wrong with you. Now, even though I and The Church of the Afternoon Nap do not believe in any sort of Invisible Sky Fairy, especially not one who would even consider listening to the loons who try and palm themselves off as religious leaders and purport to speak on its’ behalf in the media these days*, I still have to wonder sometimes.

Especially when I see things like Snake Venom, listed as a beer at sixty seven and a half percent alcohol.

Let me repeat that. Snake Venom is a beer that is 67.5 percent alcohol.

There appears to have been a quantum leap in brewmaking skills that I may have missed. Further research needs to be done but I feel confident in letting the public know that Happy Face Breweries will be on the case and investigating the homebrewing possibilities of these new techniques. Leave it to the Scots to come up with such a thing as a beer that is two thirds alcohol…

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* – except maybe the new head of the Cathy-Licks, Pope Frankie, who has been heard and seen exhibiting the kind of Catholicism that I was brought up to believe in of late. As long as he keeps on the whole peace and love thing and lays off of the smiting and exorcizing a bit…

Quick Questions For Barack Obama and the Rest of the Executive Branch of the Government of The United States of America

Fryday, 14 Wintring 2013

If you invite all of the House Republicants to a meeting, and the traitourous House leader ‘declines’ your invitations on behalf of his Republicant goons, could you extend personal invitations to the ‘declined’ Republicants to meet with you at a different time? If the problem is that someone in the chain of command is salting the earth, so to speak, is there some sort of mechanism available within the parliamentary rules in Congress to work around that sort of thing? And, if such a path to reolve this impasse exists, is there anyone within the House Democratic Caucus (coughcoughGraysoncoughcough) that you could rely on to run the mechanism through the process?

Inquiring minds want to know…

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Happy Blogaversary To Me!

Tuesday, 10 Wintring 2013

My, how the time flies as the years progress! I can hardly believe that we’ve made it to Wintring already – just like I can hardly believe that it was eleven years ago today that I first spewed forth some bloggy goodness onto the internets. I’m still banging the rocks together, but these days I’m more of a hoopy frood who knows where his towel is at and less of a party animal with a fantastic girlfriend and reasonable gainful employment as a cog in some big corporate machine.

During those eleven years, among other things, I’ve found a whole bunch of interesting characters out in the wilds of liberal blogsylvannia, gotten some good therapeutic rants out about the state of the world that decided to interact with me, survived four years of unenjoyment entrepreneurial freedom emptying out the meager remnants of my (cough) retirement fund left over from the corpo-weasel raiders of the Bush years unemployment, and almost had a tree fall on my house. I started this blog in a wake of a wonderful Bartfest held in the fall of 2002, and the excitement of finding like-minded individuals who weren’t falling for, nor happy with, the unending hypocritical kimchi coming from the Illegally Installed Drunken Cokeheaded Deserter (During Wartime) and all of his fellow Republicant welfare queens. We went home from Las Vegas, hopeful that the 2002 midterms would signal a slight return to sanity. Our herd of cats, whose ideal outcome would have been somewhere between a liberal version of the current Republicant abomination and a Democratic House and/or Senate, thought that maybe the adults in the room would stop sending pallets of unmarked bills to Iraq, or even focus on reversing their spending spree and their turning of Clinton era surpluses into Republicant red ink, once the midterms had corrected the course of the ship of state slightly. Which indirectly led to the incident which cemented my decision to leave Hazeltucky Hazel Park for more tolerant environs*.

But I digress…

I started out with a site on blogspot, and then migrated to using the web host for my good friend Bartcop in April of 2004. Earlier this year, I signed up with another web host and have been sporadically updating the site since. I have even been introducing some of my previous posts here using the Funny Farm Archival Retrospective Tracking System. Here’s another one that just sort of popped up:


No Wonder That Frelling Irony Alert Siren Keeps Going Off

No, I can’t believe that even a Republicant would be arrogantly idiotic enough to say this:

“It’s extremely difficult to govern when you control all three branches of government”

Er, when would it be any less difficult than when you can do whatever you want to do think is best for the country? When you can finally do things exactly the way you think will work best?

originally posted on Friday. 2 Infusion 2004 at the Funny Farm


The more things change…

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* – A Story For Another Time…