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Sprucing Up The Place

Thursday, 16 Shivring 2014

Hey, kids! It appears that I will be having much more time upon my hands for the forseeable future. Which could possibly herald more stuff being brought to your attention round these parts.

For starters, the Links Zone has been tweaked slightly due to the demise of a few of my compatriots’ blogging output*, the restarting of others, and an inspiration for a slight alteration of the landscape. It is entirely possible that inspiration might even rise to the levels of a complete reworking of the site.

I would also like to point out the additional pages that have been added to the site of late. Amazingly enough, tired old brains that would like nothing more than to run down the grooves they have been comfy with lo these many years are capable of adapting to new things, albeit sometimes not as sprightly as they might have been thirty or even fifteen years ago.

So – The Church of The Afternoon Nap and The Midling Calendar now have their own individual pages within the Funny Farm. I hope you find them as infotaining as they have been to me.

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* – of which I can totally empathize with. Especially the frustration involved with Cassandra like curses affecting one’s ability to continue to try and explain about the particular train wreck that only you can see…