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Michigan’s Famous Weather Rears Its Ugly Head On Tax Day

Friday, 20 Goodenuf 2014

After slightly more than fifty years of cognizant meandering through this thing called life I have managed to put together a number of canned responses to some of the ususal questions that, hopefully, from time to time, jogs a few of my fellow beings into a slightly different way of looking at things. For example, quite often after I mention that I have apnea, and use a CPAP machine in order to sleep properly*, I get asked “how do you sleep at night?” The canned Funny Farm response (from before the Funny Farm even existed as a gleam in a young nerd’s eye) has been “like a baby – I wake up every two hours crying and screaming”**.

After almost an entire fortnight of pleasant spring weather I awoke early this morning to an eerie luminescence that made me double check my internal body clock, because it was too bright – even factoring in the full moon and the lunar eclipse action – to be that early in the morning. Unless…

After ten plus days of blissful remission from the Winter From Hell, this morning a goodly portion of the lower part of Michigan*** was once again covered in fluffy white crystallized water. It’s still coming down as I am putting this blog post together. Working from home does have some definite perks that I hope my fellow almost former HP employees are taking advantage of right now****. It still looks pretty – as long as I don’t think too much about the possibility of having to shovel my pavement once more. And I’m reasonably sure, rationally, that it will all be gone in a relatively short time, even if there is a cold snap for a few days. But deep down this winter has dampened my youthful appreciation of the season. Winter’s just not as much fun as it used to be for the first three months every year.

Anyways,… hoping you’re coping with whatever mother nature has thrown your way today, and your tax adventure was as (relatively) enjoyable as mine – I made the lady at the counter’s day yesterday when she sold me a money order for $4 (the amount I owed to the city of Pontiac after all the numbers had been crunched), and finished taking care of my taxes for the year. And, if you’re out on the roads in southeastern Michigan, slow down and be careful out there!

* – or even to nap during the afternoon. Yes, dear readers, Your Humble Narrator is strapped into a machine whenever he needs to get some shuteye.

** – it’s actually more like four or five hours or so, and the longer I’m asleep the more likely I am to wake up with either or both of my calves cramping (and most definitely crying and screaming is involved in those situations).

*** – yah, youse Yoopers probly gots anudder month til spring even has a chance to start, eh? – but north of the Big Mack is another world, and another story, altogether, eh?

**** – technically I am still employed and looking for gainful employment within the medium sized city that is HP worldwide. And I am encountering pretty much the same love and affection that I have from the business community at large whenever I try to request that they look at my skills and let me help their business make more money by employing me. And I am getting older and crankier and even more tired of jumping through the hoops and running the obstacle course (almost always superbly if given the chance) only to be told thanks but no thanks. So far my attempts to get the corporate world to once again take me into their embrace have been unsuccessful.