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Mid Year Updates

Fryday, Mid Year’s Eve, 2014

There is, as always, considerable clutter that needs to be shuffled about on these web pages, and I’ve been considering how to spruce the place up a bit. Bart has passed on; some of the other sites that I have linked to for aeons, internets-wise, have either ceased operations or gone static – this site (in its’ various incarnations) is old enough to have outlived a lot of initiatives and collective websites. A somewhat quiet life of late, but things have slowed down some for Your Humble Narrator. Employment opportunities have come in two flavors of late – slim and none – and I can’t see any improvement in that situation. I have tried to get a few initiatives of my own going over the years. It seems that there is no one interested in the benefits of the three day work week and having at least one personalized copy of The Midling Calendar hanging on their wall – at least, not so far in over ten years.

I’m also still waiting to hear from any celebrities extolling the wonders of the philosophical and religious principles of The Church of The Afternoon Nap and offering to donate $ome $upport for finding a place to host afternoon naps for the general community. I have been considering trying to put together something on Kickstarter, and I am particularly interested in pursuing official recognition of The Church of The Afternoon Nap as an official religion.

In the meantime, there could possibly be some alterations to the bloggy goodness to be found in the Links Zone, and I am considering starting a sub-zone for the dearly departed and/or combining a few of my own collaborative attempts into the mix. As you may also have noticed, there hasn’t been a lot of chatter around these parts about the latest dreck from the latest Republicant who is actually just another old Republicant (along with his rhymes with witchy Republicant carpetbagging daughter). Mainly because it’s over ten years years now that I still can’t believe that anyone pays any attention to the treasonous bile coming from the should-have-been impeached Vice pResident, or any Republicant, much less uses it anywhere near a rational discussion about the issues being discussed. If that frelling irony alert had not dissipated into the general atmosphere during the reign of The Illegally Installed Drunken Cokeheaded Deserter (During Wartime) it would have been barking like a Chihuahua on Cuervo* when former GeeWhatAnIdiot spokesweasel Dana Perino was yapping about missing emails, after treasonously and illegally** helping to cover up the ‘loss’ of emails about said old Republicant and some of his impeachable offenses while he was part of the Putsch regime. Also, too – if people are still paying attention to, much less even considering following the ‘advice’ of any Republicant (this especially includes any Democratic politicians who help them poison the atmosphere and kneecap the current president for almost six years now) should strongly consider telling them you’ve had enough of their crap and they need to start working with their fellow americans instead of hunting them down.

The general note of considerable cheer at The Funny Farm these days stems largely from the success of the Netherlands and Belgium in the World Cup so far, and the wonderfully entertaining and skillfully enacted games so far. It’s also time for strawberries and cream around these parts, as Wimbledon has begun once again. As we come up on the Mid Years days for 2014, I can only encourage you to try and find something in your own life experience to enjoy as you celebrate making it through the first half of the year.

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* – thanks to Bartcop for popularizing this phrase in this zone…

** – funny how Republicants can do things that they then impeach Democrats for. But I digress…