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Proving The Hypothesis

Saturday, 29 Falltring 2014

One of the true icons of the gamer world, Felicia Day, recently wrote about how her usual feelings of unexpected solidarity when seeing fellow gamers on the street have changed since Gamer Gate has taken place. And expressed some concerns for her personal safety, and her concern that even mentioning those concerns would lead to some unwanted attention towards her.

Having just watched an amazingly geeky video by her about Virgin Galactic, and remembering some of her previous work, I have an intense desire to have this individual continue to produce infotainally enlightening material according to the manner in which she can support herself comfortably. It is disappointing to me to see that things seem to be going exactly as she feared. In particular, the vitriol from the gamers commenting on these posts is incredible – almost a caricature of the gamer persona that is the problem in the first place.

It is my sincere wish that the gamer community would take a chill pill and stop threatening to assassinate people because they think that some video games might be just a tad misogynistic and they dare to speak such thoughts aloud.

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I’ve Started A New Hastag In The Twitterverse

Saturday, 15 Wintring 2014

In honor of the awesome new ad from Republicants featuring stock photos of non-Republicants to show that they are people too, I have started a hashtag (#Republicants) on the twitter. I am somewhat surprised that this hashtag hasn’t already been out there – but it should have come up when I tried to put it in, correct?

Anyways,… there are lots and lots of things to point out that Republicants can’t seem to be able to do. More and more every day, as a matter of fact. I’m thinking that the #Republicants tag might be around for a while…

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It Was Twelve Years Ago Today…

Tuesday, 10 Wintring 2014

…that I started blogging over at blogspot. It’s been a long weird wonderful ride, and, yes, kids – the secret is still to keep banging those rocks together.

In the meantime, in twelve years’ time:

Republicants are still blithering idiots who lie about everything.

I bought a house for my Sig-O and I to enjoy in our dotage, and then watched things fall apart*. The same house has recently gone through considerable trauma after experiencing other** issues over the last couple of years.

I was happily and gainfully employed in my chosen profession at the start of this adventure, and have also watched almost any hope of rejoining the workforce fade away – even though I have many major corporations on my resume, extensive experience at every level of an IT department, and a proven record of positive results for the companies I have been working for. I am also going to be fifty-four in November, recently went through a quadruple coronary bypass, have significant health issues, and now have enhanced the difficulty I have had dealing with the long term mental health issues I have been living with since childhood, due to the long term underemployment situation I have been dealing with for the past six years (with a brief eighteen month foray into the working world that both caused and resolved the heart problems that led to the bypass). So I am thinking that gainful employment is not something I should be considering as a viable life path for the rest of my life.

I was also happily and finally in love with the person I thought I would happily be spending the rest of my life with. And then I got to watch that fall apart. Without even having much of any sort of an idea why I have been thrown on the trash heap in the first place.

Plus also too I have recently been having other issues of a personal nature that I am not even prepared to discuss other than to say that I have been been having other issues of a personal nature. So it goes…

Anyways,… so it’s been twelve years. Maybe I’ve gotten as many visits (total) as most of the blogs in the links zone get for an individual post. There have been quite a few other attempts to get some bloggy goodness out there that have fallen by the wayside. And there are a couple more that I would like to not fail and possibly even thrive in the days to come. Only time will tell…

* – link goes to the Wayback Machine’s entry for our blog in October 2004, about six months after I moved to our previous ISP host and off of blogspot. Scroll down to the entry for October 7…

** – link goes to the Wayback Machine’s entry for our blog in July 2012. Scroll down to the post, Disaster Averted

I Am Now Part Of The Twitterverse

Friday, 6 Wintring 2014

I finally had to break the silence and start utilizing one of the cooler toys on the internets. What finally got me motivated enough to do this?

@midnight, that’s what. They have a nightly competition called HashtagWars where they give you a topic and ask you for your responses.

You can check out the things that I say in the twitterverse here. And eventually I will be addressing the controversy that has been brewing on @midnight for a while now – the unfair besmirching of the good (cough) name of Johnny Lemonhead by comparing him to Brent Morin. I personally can’t see the resemblance:

The REAL Johnny Lemonhead

Not Johnny Lemonhead

But I don’t know why Chris Hardwick hasn’t mentioned my good friend Max Cannon or his site, Red Meat. A quick trip there would resolve this conundrum for once and all…

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