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Ho Ho Ho

Saturday, 18 Conclusion 2014

It’s that time of year again – DJ Riko has released his annual Merry Mixmas set for 2014. As always there is lots of christmas music that I can pretty much guarantee you probably haven’t been hearing on the all-christmas, all-the-time radio stations that you are already sick of.

On a related note, there are the beginnings of the 2014 MegaMixx formulating in my brainpan . I think that sometime in next year’s MegaMixx I will finally be using more than one song from any given artist*. Also too alternate versions of the same song might be getting into the mix at some point in the future. Because at this point I am almost feeling straight-jacketed by the self-imposed rules I started this project out with in 2010 about using only one version of any given holiday song and using only one song from any given artist.

I also have remastered, remixed, and redone all of my previous mixes using vastly improved source material, quality-wise. I consider it to be roughly analogous to using recordings from AM radio and recording them on cassette and then re-recording things using Music recorded from FM radio and recording them with a PC. I will be posting links to them soon…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some funky christmas music to finish listening to. I have already been inspired by this years’ mix to find a half dozen new (to me) christmas albums – and I still have at least fifteen minutes to go…

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* – and, of course, stretching this rule to include unique artist configurations and unique versions of a song** as their own entity instead of crossing off lots of good musicians all at once…

** – as an example, I have already done a couple of interpretations of a couple of christmas songs that I consider to be unique enough to be different songs.