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Another Sign Of The Apocalypse

Tuesday, 10 Goodenuf 2015

Rob Ford (yes, that Rob Ford) has been appointed to the Hockey Hall of Fame’s Board of Directors*. By actual human beings. On purpose**.

While I am relatively sure that, even with creative interpretation that stretches the very concept of prophecy, there has been no mention of this in any of the various Great Big Books Of Religious Fairy Tales, I’m thinking that this predilection was so far out of the bounds of reality that even the framers of the various denominations couldn’t figure out a way to shoehorn something that far out there into their fables.

And, IMHO, as far as all this nonsense in concerned, it doesn’t matter whether Ford was put on the Board or he was hired to be the night watchman at the Hall of Fame, or, for that matter, any position that involves the NHL providing any sort of compensation whatsoever to Mr. Ford. It was an immediate source of ridicule and poor judgement of the parties involved for the talking heads dog and pony show experts on television

* – or he’s been electorated to the Hockey Hall of Fame Board of Directors. Either way, actual humans were involved and had to sign off on this decision…

** – as far as I know. I mean, this appointment wasn’t made or announced on the First of April, or anything like that…

Quick Note To Memories Pizza in Catholictown Wullerton (SPIT!) Walkerton, Indiana

Friday, 6 Goodenuf 2015

I used to be a deejay and have performed at over 300 weddings over the course of fifteen years. Based on my experience, it is my opinion that your “religious” ideals would never be challenged, and need the protection of, the ridiculous waste of time, energy, and taxpayer dollars that is Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Bill.

I have never heard of any kind of wedding that served pizza to the guests, nor have I ever been a deejay at one. So, not only would I question your superstitious beliefs about any sort of Imaginary Sky Fairy and any kind of Big Book of Catholic Fairy Tales just about as strongly as your belief that anyone would order pizza from your (cough) restaurant at a wedding, I am kinda wondering if you will be around in a few years, and, if so, how many gay wedddings you have had to turn away in that time. In fact, let the studio audience know how many gay couples you have managed to seat in your establishment – or even how many gays that ordered anything from you in the interim – so we can all see how very important it was to spend taxpayer monies and elected officials’ time and efforts in order to pass this crucial legislation without which your business would be unable to survive.

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