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Wish Sandwiches and Ricochet Biscuits That Don’t Bounce Back

Humpday, 9 Reckning 2015

Things keep getting bleaker here at the Funny Farm. The bills are getting paid to date; but that might be coming to an end soon – unless I can eliminate enough of them to make the E2E ratio* slightly closer to being manageable. Still no sight of land gainful employment. No nice clanky bits of loose change, delicate fivers thrust deep into bulging wallets, pert pieces of copper coinage thrust deep into trouser pockets, apologetic foreign money rolling against the thigh with ever diminishing familiarity…

Sorry. But I need money. Any money. I haven’t found any generous benefactors willing to toss big bags of bills towards either The Midling Calendar or The Church of The Afternoon Nap even though I feel the church’s message is much more meaningful and relevant than anything coming from the vacuous melon of the Hucksterbee, the Frothy Mix, Caribou Barbie, or the Girl With The Faraway Eyes, especially as it relates to not getting knickers in a twist over cats and dogs living together in what they consider to be sinful in the eyes of their Invisible Sky Fairy. Which, once again according to my religious beliefs, should be of absolutely no concern of mine or anyone else besides their own damn selves. Plus also too: what these individuals believe or do not believe should have absolutely no effect on the laws and regulations that are the law of the land, and I should not be required to waste one iota of consideration of their beliefs in order to function in society.

Unfortunately, I can see no solution to the ongoing situational issues that I will have to deal with for the forseeable future. Hopefully things will change for the better one of these days. And, if you are interested in trying to help please feel free to email me and let me know how you would be interested in helping me find a way to survive until such time as I can solve the money problem.

Hoping you’re having a bit of a better time of it…

*E2E = Earnings to Effort. Maximizing the E2E ratio is key to maintaining a semblance of sanity and minimizing the stress involved in survival for Your Humble Narrator.