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It’s That Time Of Year Once Again This Year

Tuesday, 13 Conclusion 2017

Hi everybody! Once again, it’s time for another xmas mix from The Funny Farm. This year features a little mashup by Your Humble Narrator of Liam Neeson being interviewed for a position playing Santa at a mall with an old Ventures tune; a beautiful a capella gem from the Monkees; and a Beatles christmas song, among other things.

Also too it seems to be somewhat stressful for a metric Cheneyton of people these days. Especially in the greater North American continent what with all the T Rumplings running amok and some of the more radical right wing christian terrorists shooting up things more often. So maybe somebody can decompress and get their minds right to the point that they are ready to embrace The Church of The Afternoon Nap and throw off the shackles of traditional religious fanatacism. Just maybe…

So, for these and so many more reasons, but most importantly because I finally got the frelling thing done again this year, it’s time to provide you once again with the best (cough) in non-traditional non-superstition based holiday musical montages. As always huge props to the master, DJ Riko for showing me the way – please go over to his site and check out his fabulous 2017 offering once he gets it up on his site.

Here’s the track list for the 2017 Xmas MegaMixx:

Pee Wee’s Christmas Special Opening Song – Paul Reubens et al
Liam Neeson v. The Ventures – mall Santa interview / Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Space Christmas – Shonen Knife
The Monkees – Riu Chiu
What Christmas Measn To Me – Stevie Wonder
Xmas Time of the Year – Green Day
I Believe in Father Christmas – Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
Christmastime Again – Brandon Wilde
White Christmas – Otis Redding
A Very Merry Christmas – Casey Shea
Erotic Christmas (Home For The Holograms) –
The Strangest Christmas Yet – Steve Martin and the Canyon Rangers
I’m Gonna Lasso Santa Claus – The One and Nines
Don’t Believe in Christmas – The Sonics
Santa Forever – Mia Crosby
Christmas Blues – Jimi Hendrix
Players’ Ball – OutKast
Santa Why’d You Do It – Alyssa Reid feat The Heist
I Won’t Be Home For Christmas – Blink 182
You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch – Lindsey Stirling feat Sabrina Carpenter
The Nutcracka – Davoodi
Carol of the Bells – Trans Siberian Orchestra
Whistle Neath the Mistletoe – Briana Winter
Home For christmas – Kate Bush
Christmas Time (Is Here Again) – The Beatles

This year it was fun to surf for those last few songs that I neede to fiil up the mix, including one that I put together mayself. The Monkees cut was an awesome find as well – I didn’t even know the Monkees put a christmas special together! Once again, this thing takes on a life of its’ own – going back through them I definitely see themes going through them besides the ones I try to put in myself.

I am also adding to the pile of songs that are not family friendly enough for inclusion in the mega mixxes. I am still thinking I might put something together one of these years…

I have also once again done something this year that I have never done before. I’m not even offering any presents this year due to the complete lack of participation last year.

If you wish to comment on this post, or download this or any of the Mega Mixxes, please email me – the directory is behind the Funny Farm Filings Fence and you will need to get the user name / password from me if you didn’t save it last year.

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