And Also Yet Again Basically The Same Quick Question Plus A Few Other Observations

Thursday, 11 Premise 2018

Merry New Year everybody!

As many of my fellow liberal Cassandras have been continually pointing out for, basically, ever – once again the staff here at the The Funny Farm News Burro have to ask the supposedly principled Republicant congresscritters currently in control of all of the branches of the american government: since you already set precedent by impeaching a sitting president because he had consensual oral sex with someone who was not his wife, why are you not even close to beginning to stop all the high crimes and felonies that the current occupant of the office is engaging in? When you had to suspend the administration of the american government in 1998 because impeachment took precendence over all else, how can you allow clear and constant violations of the emoluments clause, treasonous collusion with a foreign government, and outrageous potentially life threatening incompetence from the Republicant Horror Clown currently leading your party from the White House?

Unless Republicants are actually hypocritical traitorous rich frelling arseholes who have no conscience. Funny how everyone needs to kowtow to Cheetohiro now, but Republicants had to oppose Obama (who got more votes than pResident Pussy Grabber – twice!) every second he was in office.

Anyways,… I wonder if anyone can convince some Democratic politicians to consider promoting and implementing Trickle Up Economics. Here’s the deal: the Republicant theory for, like, ever, is that if you give more money to the rich, it will trickle down to everyone else. Which has conclusively proven not to work. So, another theory is: if you give even just relatively little more money to poor people, they will spend it and pump it back into the economy. Isn’t that what is wanted from a stimulus?

While we’re at it, we can update and enhance our earlier suggestions about reducing executive expense: cut all salaries of congreesscritters, executive, and judicial elected officials by $100K, and cut pResident and Veep by $200K. Here’s the update: means test all retirement and executive compensation packages – if you’re independently wealthy, you don’t need to have your retirement paid for by the american taxpayer.

Just a couple of ideas. What do you think?

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