The Great Shame That Habs Fans Will Have To Deal With Until Next May (at least)

Fryday, 19 Reckning 2013

Even though it was only two games, Montreal Canadiens fans will now have to deal with the fact that the Toronto Maple Leafs went farther into the NHL playoffs than they did. For the first time in some of their memories, there is incontravertable proof that, for at least a few moments, the Leafs were better than the Habs.

Habs are golfing for the rest of the playoffs

Detroit Red Wings fans, of course, are still secure that they are, at the very least, in the middle echelon of original six franchises. Boston Bruin fans can exhale for the moment, as can New York Rangers fans. And many are looking towards the Chicago Black Hawks as eventual Stanley Cup champions. Two down, two to go down next round, since the remaining four teams play each other this round (Chicago vs Detroit in the west and Boston vs New York in the east). Hope the hockey is just as exciting as it has been so far, but also hoping that the officiating stops being more than a neutral presence keeping a lid on things in the background.