Days Of Glory Gone By

Saturday, 18 Infusion 2013

As a former deejay who has entertained at hundreds of weddings, it has been my pleasure to see many unusual events take place.* Lots of choreographed dancing by various sub groups of the wedding party, different variations on the usual stuff, that sort of thing. Some of the ones that really stood out for me were:

– the wedding party that was held in a high school gymnasium / auditorium where the limo that took the bride and groom away dove on to the dance floor to whisk them away after their last dance of the night
– my first training gig, where I met one of my best friends, ran out of gas, and watched a bride and groom try to drive off in their car after someone had tinkered with it and hooked the brake pedal up to the horn, so that whenever they hit the brakes the horn would sound
– when one of my cousins got married, and one of his brothers gave the wrong directions to the DJ so they got to the wedding a few hours late**
– the couple who showed up for their last dance in ski outfits and hit the local slopes on the day they were married
– the wedding that a good friend and I pre-recorded so we could party at the wedding, where I had to start veering from the pre-recording after about fifteen minutes, didn’t have enough of the right material for the crowd, ended the wedding party by nine o’clock (right after the dessert plate got hurriedly set up waaaaaay early), had a big fight with my girlfriend at the time, flooded the car (but finally got it started), and generally had one of the worst days of my life

I also featured a wonderful video of a flash mob doing something for a bride and groom recently. So I’d like to add a couple of noteworthy achievements to that list.

They both share a common theme: a bridal party that suddenly faces great danger, and has to make a run for it:

Wedding Party Chased by T-Rex

Wedding Party Chased by Imperial Walkers

Thanks to (I think) Bartcop for pointing me to the first picture, and Shakesville for pointing me to the second one…

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* – public inebriation would be one of the more common events taking place at a wedding celebration. Some of the events arising from groups of inebriated people, however, have risen into unusual territory…

** – I said unusual. I didn’t say good.