Spammers 1, Funny Farm 0

Thursday, 11 Promise 2013

So I’ve had to delete over ten thousand spam comments from my blog since I moved over to the new ISP. Without any real comments (that I could find – it was a bit hard with all that noise, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t have any real comments to find). So I’m turning comments off.

Just out of curiosity, though – can anyone email me and tell me what the purpose of all of this crap polluting the internets is for? I get nothing but enraged at these clowns and unwilling to even think about trying any of the products that their spammy spam is promoting, I can’t think of anyone else getting anything but enraged at these clowns for this crap, and I can’t even figure out why anyone would want to piss people off with spam that will not even be read an d cause them to avoid any products that they got spammed about.

Farging iceholes. This is the kind of thing that I would like the death penalty brought back to take care of…

One thought on “Spammers 1, Funny Farm 0

  1. Funny Farmer

    Just making sure that real comments can get through the system…

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